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The new Guardians of Elestra book, The Light of the Blue Glacier will be released in the summer of 2016

Visit the Magian Academy of Magic page to learn about the art, writing, and story ideas contests.
Welcome, young traveler!  My name is Iszarre, the wizard who acts as the magical guide for Deanna and Derek Hughes, the newest Mystical Guardians in Elestra.
There is much to do and learn here in Elestra.  The stories of the new Mystical Guardians have become legends throughout this magical land.  Elestran scribes are working to prepare written versions of all of the stories so that everyone may read them.  They tend to be somewhat slow and have only finished the first five books so far.  I can hardly hold my excitement because I know the full story, but I have promised not to spill the beans until all of the stories have been written down. Instead, I can tell you about the many areas of this strange electronic archive that you can visit.  Along the way, you’ll learn more about Derek and Deanna, as well as myself, Tobungus, Zorell, Glabber, and many others.
The State Library of Magia contains many volumes about Elestra.  You can learn about the Six Kingdoms of Elestra, the Moons of Elestra, the connection between music and magic, great wizards, magical clouds, festivals, hoverball, and so much more.
Glabber’s Grub Hut shows menus from Glabber’s diner so that you can see what we’re eating in Elestra these days.
The Archive of Prophecies contains the prophecies of Elestra.  Some of the prophecies have only been seen by Derek and Deanna, so they can only be seen in the Guardians of Elestra books, but many others are on this site.
The Map Room contains maps of Elestra and each Magical Kingdom.  These maps are powered by the same magic that is bringing the stories from Elestra to your world, so they will become more detailed over time.
The Magian Academy of Magic includes information about magic in Elestra.  We are gathering information on spells and magical items that will be discussed here. This is also the page where our contests are listed. There are three contests that include artwork, writing, and story ideas for future books.  The Academy houses the Writer’s Loft (where writing contest submissions will be displayed) and the Magian Art Studio (where art contest submissions will be displayed).
Tobungus’ Blog is an area that I can’t believe I allowed on this site.  Deanna must have used a confusion spell on me to get me to agree to let Tobungus blog about anything on his mushroomy mind.  I’m sure that he’ll describe his many shoes, give you a weekly insult for Zorell, talk about his plans for his lemon, or explain why he believes he is Elestra’s greatest bagpipe player.  Oh well, I can’t do anything about it now.  Enjoy!
The Store offers the Guardians of Elestra books for sale, and has announcements about the release of future books.
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