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The Archive of Prophecies
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Welcome to the Archive of Prophecies.  There are many places in Elestra where prophecies are kept.  The prophecies can only be read when their words appear in the green flame of magical candles.  As the wax drips on parchment, the words are written down for all to see.  Since we do not have magical green flames in your world, we have brought the written prophecies from Elestra for you to read.  Click on the candles below to read some of the prophecies from this archive.  We’re getting more all the time, so check back soon to read more.  One thing that I should mention is that all of the most secret prophecies, the ones about Derek and Deanna, can only be seen by them, so the only place to see them is in the Guardians of Elestra books.  I was able to sneak one prophecy from those books, though.  It is inside the large orange candle on the bottom shelf.
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