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Back to the Library Elestra’s Magical Clouds
Hmm, magical clouds.  Ah, yes, that is the subject of these tiny words on my pages.  I don’t get to talk about the clouds enough.  You would think that something so important would be on everyone’s mind, but it always seems to be the books on wizards or the six Kingdoms that get all of the attention.  Well, you are here, so I will be happy to give you all of the information I have so far.

The skies of Elestra are filled with magical clouds that determine the character of the outworlds. Before talking about the outworlds, I really should tell you how the clouds are formed.

Well, I’m sure that you already know that Elestra has a huge Ruby Core that gives off bursts of magical energy that come through the Magical Wells to the surface.  The Ruby Core actually breathes in and out.  When it breathes out, magic comes to the surface.  When it breathes in, used magic and waste magic is taken back down to the Core and recycled.  Sometimes, too much magic builds up, and the Core. . . well, I guess you could say it sneezes out a powerful blast of magic.

The burst of magic that is sneezed out goes high into the air and mixes with the clouds.  As more magic builds up, the clouds become magical.  But, not all clouds are the same.  The magic that comes up through the Magical Well takes on some of the characteristics of the Magical Kingdom where the Well is located.  So, the magical clouds that are formed from Magic that comes up through the Desert Realm seem hot and dry.  The clouds from Magia have a magical “personality.” The clouds from the Forest Realm give off the feeling of being in a thick forest.  The clouds from the Ice Lands are bitterly cold.  The clouds from the Dragon Realm are infused with Dragonian lore.  

Now, we can get to the outworlds.  The magical clouds do not move across the sky like regular clouds.  They trudge along very slowly.  Since they are almost completely invisible, no one on the surface notices them.  Anyway, as the moons cross the sky, they are covered by different clouds. The clouds that cover a moon from midnight to 3 in the morning (Amemnop time) determine the characteristics of the outworlds through that moon’s gates.
I will use Earth as an example.  Thousands of years ago, the clouds from the Ice Lands dominated, and Earth experienced an Ice Age.  Ten or fifteen centuries ago, the clouds of Magia and the Dragon Realm covered the moongate that led to Earth.  At that time, you had wizards and dragons, knights and kings, and magic everywhere.  As time passed, those clouds moved on, and now Earth is influenced by the clouds from the Forest Realm, Oceania, and the Desert Realm, so you see a mix of forests, deserts, and open waters.

The role of clouds on the outworlds highlights the importance of the adventures of Derek and Deanna in their quest to stop the dark wizard Eldrack.  Some wizards fear that Eldrack could affect the clouds to control the outworlds.  If he moved clouds only from the Ice Lands over a moon, all of the outworlds through that moon’s gates would go through an ice age.

Perhaps more dangerous, though, would be tinkering with the balance between clouds from the Dragon Realm and Magia.  These clouds have always existed in nearly equal amounts because they are drawn together by magical gravity.  When there are dragons on an outworld, there are wizards. So, what would happen if there were only clouds from the Dragon Realm?  The outworlds could be overrun by dragons.  If those dragons are dark dragons on Eldrack’s side, that could be a bad situation.

I suppose that I should also mention another type of cloud that is connected to magic.  That is the Nonmagical Cloud.  These clouds are produced when the Core exhales a large burst of completely non-usable magic.  It’s always a bad thing to get trapped in one of these clouds, but I’m sure you could guess that.  I don’t have a lot of information about these clouds, but I think that they will be discussed in one of the books about Derek and Deanna.

Okay, I hope that my pages have helped you learn about the Magical Clouds.  Please visit me again to see if I have gotten more information.  I’ll do something festive like make the new sections a different color or something.