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Add a stick
of butter to 
your order! Tired?  A drop
of CheeChee
bee Honey will
wake you up. Note to self:
Catch that 
thing in the
kitchen. Special:
Peek a boo
Pepper Soup
Glabber’s Grub Hut Menu
Friddleberry Panpies (Deanna says they are pancakes–whatever that is)
French Toast with Peekaboo Peppers
Pan-seared oats and mealworms
Barokan Gawkbird egg (feeds a family of 5)

Sleep Juice (squeezed fresh from the oceanberries of the Psychic Forest)
Friddleberry Juice
Vidolan Goat Milk
Water (with dissolved magic)
Sides and Fruit
Yahorran melon
Nobbly Dujinks
Grayberries (tomorrow, they’ll be hairy blackberries)
Slugfruit (must be eaten outside)
CheeChee Bee Honey
Sea veggie salad (straight from Oceania)
Barokan Rattlefish
Charred Cheese Sandwich
Pasta with a sauce made from Oceanian sea tomatoes, Torallian basil, and Dragon Peppers.
Flatbread with subterranean beans, Roparcian zombie peppers, and black cheese (insurance required)
Ice Lands glacier water
Slugfruit punch (not responsible for gagging)
Antikrom Yak Milk
Lizard tails
Cake (flavor extra)
Candied lichen (for our Torallian customers)
Pies (Nobbly Dujink, Snowfruit, Lava, Butter, Grass)
Assorted minnows
Butter with butter dipping sauce

Specialty Pizzas
Moldy Stump (a hit with Torallians)
Critter du Jour (exotic, just like our feline customers)

Main Dishes
Magian Hot Pot (Iszarre’s most famous, and explosive, dish)
Griddle scrapings on a bun (there’s sure to be a lot of magic in every bite)
“Words can’t describe it” casserole.  (If you can think of a name after eating it, please tell us).
Soup of the day, by the cup, bowl, or bucket.