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There are fifteen moons circling Elestra, and their light brightens even the darkest hours.  The moons are not lifeless balls floating in the dark space above Elestra, however.  They are each a separate magical world, complete with people, plants, animals, and bizarre creatures.

The magic of each moon comes from its core, a chunk of Elestra’s Ruby Core.  When Elestra was first forming, and only a giant ruby floated through space, the Great Fracture split off fifteen smaller pieces from the main ruby.  While the main ruby became the center of Elestra, each of the fifteen smaller pieces became a core of a new moon.

There is strong magical gravity between the cores of the moons and Elestra’s Ruby Core.  This pipeline of magical energy is used to travel between Elestra and the moons.  Wizards have found many ways to tap into the magical flow and make these journeys.

Beyond the moons lie countless other worlds which Elestrans call Outworlds.  Each moon has many gates to the Outworlds, and many of the gates are well hidden.  Some gates look like actual gates, while others look like common objects.  On the other end of the gateways, on the Outworlds, there are gates that allow travelers to return to the moons.

At some point deep in Elestra’s past, a group of wizards traveled to the moons to study the magic that came from each core.  They found that each moon’s core had a different harmonic vibration which was similar to a musical note.  These wizards used this information to find gemstones which could connect to the moons’ magical flow.  These gemstones are the moonstones that the Mystical Guardians seek to protect against the Dark Wizard Eldrack.

I wish that I could tell you about each moon, but that information has not come through the moongates to this branch of the Library yet.  Check back later for more information.
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