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One of the most important things to understand about Elestra is the role of music in all parts of this magical land.  Music and magic are connected in ways that even the greatest wizards don’t fully understand.
When the Ruby Core of Elestra formed, a wave of magic and a wave of music came together and collided at the core.  The reaction was so powerful that the magic and music fused together to create an entirely new form of power.  The magic that flows to Elestra’s surface from the Ruby Core is infused with musical energy. The music that comes from instruments on Elestra is tinged with magic.  It is impossible to separate magic from music, and the most powerful wizards learn to use both sources of power.

Since music is recognized as a powerful source of magical strength, all creatures on Elestra put great effort into their own music.  Festivals and celebrations centering on music dot the calendars of every province in every Kingdom of Elestra.  Some creatures have been very successful in creating music that enhances their power and status in Elestra, and others, such as the Gong Beaters of the Floddan Lowlands, have created music that is painful enough to start wars.  

Magical musical instruments are available at most magic shops in Elestra, but there are mythical musical instruments which exist somewhere between Elestra and the moons.  The music of these instruments can only be heard when groups of moonstones are placed together in the great arch in the Tower of the Moons in Amemnop.  There is a legend that the music of these five mythical instruments will play together and call forth one of the Magical Armies.  While each Magical Army has its own anthem, I cannot say for sure which army will be attracted by this mythical music.

I desperately want to give you more information about the moons, but that tiny fairy librarian has been slow to send me more pages.  I will send her another angry message, and hopefully that will push her to send more information for you to read.
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