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Oh, ho, ho, you wish to know about the Mystical Guardians.  Of course, I know all about them, and now you want me to just give you that information.  Just because I have lovely pages, everyone thinks that they can just read me whenever they want.  Nobody ever comes by to say “Happy Birthday” or even “Good Morning.”  It’s always just, “Let me read what’s on your pages.”  I’ll have to think about this.

Okay, I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided to let you find out information about the Mystical Guardians.  But just remember that I did this.

The Mystical Guardians are a family of wizards who protect Elestra and King Barado.  The king is powerful and has warriors at his side, but there are some magical dangers which require a higher level of magical protection.  That’s where the Mystical Guardians come in.  Over the years, decades, or really the centuries, they have fought against the dark wizard Eldrack—yes I know that the books aren’t supposed to mention Eldrack, but we’re not in Amemnop, so we can bend the rules a little bit.

The Mystical Guardians weren’t always mystical or guardians.  They were chosen for their important work by none other than Iszarre.  Legend has it that Iszarre sensed a dark threat to Elestra’s peace and decided that he had to recruit a family of powerful wizards to protect against the growing wave of darkness.  Iszarre was proven right because Eldrack emerged as the most powerful dark wizard in all of Elestra shortly after the Mystical Guardians were chosen.  

Iszarre observed many wizards in battles and in magical academies throughout the land.  He was convinced that one family was not only powerful, but had a special type of magic that passed from one generation to the next.  This guaranteed that each new generation in this family would also produce a powerful wizard.

The first Mystical Guardian was Baladorn who held off Eldrack’s first attack on Amemnop in the Battle of Dartellius.  After this battle, Eldrack disappeared for several years, and Baladorn settled into a teaching position at the Magian Academy of Magic.  Baladorn traveled throughout Elestra trying to find Eldrack, but he eventually decided that the dark wizard must have given up and disappeared into one of the remote areas of the Kingdom.  

Years later, when Baladorn was getting older, Eldrack reappeared.  There are whispers and hints of rumors about what happened to Baladorn, but no one is sure.  The only thing that we all know for sure is that Baladorn disappeared one night and was never heard from again.

Following Baladorn was Mindoro, and then Gelladrell after him.  Throughout the long line of Mystical Guardians, there are stories of great successes and unwavering dedication to the safety of Elestra.  Sadly, though, the story of each Mystical Guardian ends with a mysterious disappearance.