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I’m not one of those stubborn books that tries to hold back information from readers.  I really am quite helpful, but I am embarrassed that much of the information on my pages has not come through the moongates, yet, so I am stuck with information on only a handful of Elestra’s rivers.

I guess that I should start by explaining why a book about rivers in Elestra would be important. The simple answer is Magic!  Magic is so complex.  Some people think that it’s just some invisible power that people have.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Magic is a mix of energies from the Ruby Core, individual power, and other ingredients like musical ability. Confusing?  Yes, definitely.  

Magic rises to Elestra’s surface through the Magical Wells.  Some of this magic is blown into the sky where it mixes with the clouds.  When it rains, some magic is carried back down to the ground.  Some of this rained out magic lands in rivers and streams.  But, there is more to it than this.  Water can absorb magic from the ground and from the air, as well.

The magic from the air is where things get really interesting.  Everyone in Elestra has magic flowing through them.  Some of that magic is sweated out and some is exhaled through normal breathing.  When they use magic, there is leftover magic, like a magical exhaust, which is also released.  All of this extra magic has to go somewhere.  Some of it is taken back down to the Ruby Core, and some of it is dissolved into the waters of Elestra.  

The rivers start at magical locations such as magical springs which determine the type of magic they can most easily absorb.  To understand how important this is, we can start by looking at the two rivers that form the northern and southern border of Magia, the River of Tranquility and the River of Doubt.

The River of Tranquility is a wonderfully peaceful waterway that starts at the base of Cauldron Mountain and flows to the Great Aquarian Divide and beyond.  The waters that flow into the river from the River of the Dragon’s Breath.  At the top of Cauldron Mountain, a volcanic lake stretches across the crater.  The water boils away the sadness of the region, and becomes perfectly smooth and calm as it becomes the River of Tranquility.

Many people in Amemnop go no further than the River of Tranquility which lies on the northern edge of town for their vacations.  They simply sit and stare across the smooth surface and find happiness and peace.

The river that makes up the southern border of Magia is a different story.  The River of Doubt steals the confidence of all creatures around it and creates a sense of doubt in those who look out over it.  

The River of Second Thoughts is the largest river in the Ice Lands.  It flows through Hielo Kiyaye, the capital city, with water that is slushy and bitterly cold.  It got its name from the fact that almost anyone who jumps into the river immediately has second thoughts about their actions.  This river is very popular with adventurers who like to paddle along it as it goes under the Mintahan Glacier.

The River of the Sky is in the Forest Realm.  This river never touches the ground.  It captures rain that seeps through the forest’s canopy and flows along for the tree-dwellers to use.  There are myths about this river being enchanted by one of the most powerful wizards from Elestra’s distant past.

The River of Fire is not a water-filled river at all.  It is a river of lava in the Dragon Realm that flows from the west side of Mt. Infernus to the Great Magmatic Lake.  This river is a popular vacation spot for Volcarons, lava creatures who thrive in molten locations.

The only other waterway I have information about now is Boheega’s Creek.  Perhaps I shouldn’t even mention that.  After all, it’s not as large or important as the River of Tranquility.  But, then again, it has some important magical properties.  No, really, I should just forget about this creek.  After all, you will read about it in one of the stories about Derek and Deanna.  Yes, yes, just forget that I said anything about it.

But, don’t be mad at me for not having information about other rivers.  I will try to convince the librarians to give me more pages, so check back soon.