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What is Elestra?  You may ask.  Well, I really should start by pointing out that I am the wisest of the books in this library, so I am the perfect source for basic information about Elestra.  I dare say that I am the leader of this unruly pack of scoundrels that take up space on my shelves.  Filthy beasts!  I’ll have to talk to the Fairy Librarian about them when I travel back to Elestra.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit about Elestra.  After reading the words on my pages, you can look through the other books to learn more.  

Elestra is a magical world that is at the heart of many other worlds.  These other worlds (called Outworlds) are connected to Elestra by magical gateways, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  Elestra is a planet that has six Magical Kingdoms on it.  The six are:

The Desert Realm
The Forest Kingdom
The Sky Dragons or the Dragon Realm
The Ice Lands
The Kingdoms exist in harmony and work together to maintain peace among all creatures in Elestra.  Each Kingdom is further divided into provinces where wise, powerful, strange, translucent, four-headed, or stubborn rulers guide their people in the parade of Elestran history.

Each Kingdom has a Magical Well which carries magic from Elestra’s Ruby Core to the surface.  The Wells are the main sources of magic in Elestra.  Many battles have been fought with dark wizards who have tried to control the Wells and steal their power.  Luckily, the Sisterhood of the Ruby Dawn, a powerful group of wizards who work in pairs to channel their magic, protects the Wells.

Above Elestra, fifteen moons make a nightly journey across the sky.  The sight of a sky full of shining moons is breathtaking.  But, each moon is much more than just a lifeless ball in the sky.  While these moons are all their own worlds with creatures great and small, they are also magical gateways to many other places.  These other worlds beyond the moons are called outworlds, and there are many of them.  In fact, I’m not sure how many outworlds there are, and if I don’t know, well, then no one knows.

The Mystical Guardians have found that one of these outworlds is called Earth and lies through one of the Magical Gateways or Moongates. You will find out which moongate connects Elestra to Earth in a later book, but if you are careful when you read the books about the newest Mystical Guardians, you will probably figure it out for yourself.
Traveling through a moongate requires powerful magic.  Some creatures from the moons can travel through moongates, but choose not to do so because they can get stuck on Elestra.  Traveling from an outworld straight to Elestra is even more difficult.  Most wizards would go from an outworld to one of Elestra’s moons and then have to soak in regenerating snorgleberry juice baths for 43 days before making the final trip to Elestra.  There are a few special beacons on some outworlds which make travel straight to Elestra easier.

Most Elestrans think of the fifteen moons as part of Elestra, and when they talk about the entire Kingdom of Elestra, they are including the moons as well.  And, since we’re talking about the Kingdom of Elestra, I might as well mention that Elestra is ruled by King Barado, who is from the ninth moon and has his castle there.  He travels to Elestra very often and has a palace in Magia.  

But, now back to the Six Kingdoms on Elestra.  Each Kingdom is very different and has different rulers.  All are divided into smaller regions.  A short introduction to each Kingdom is below.


Magia is a strip of land that circles Elestra at the Equator.  The northern border of most of Magia is the River of Tranquility.  The southern border for most of Magia is the River of Doubt.  Some people say that the starting and ending point of Magia is Mount Indecision because almost every traveler decides his or her path based on which side of the mountain they are on.  Magia is considered the most highly magical of the Six Kingdoms.  Its largest city is Amemnop which had long been called the City of Light, until the dark wizard Eldrack blocked all light in the city and turned it into the Dark City.  The first book about the adventures of Derek and Deanna Hughes tells the story of their battle to end the darkness and discover the first magical moonstone.

Amemnop is the site of many of Magia’s most important institutions, such as the State Library of Magia, the Magian Zoo and Bestiary, the Magian Academy of Magic, the Hoverball Hall of Fame, and the Magical Parliament Building which is now a museum since the Magical Parliament no longer exists.  Amemnop is also home to dozens of magic shops, used sock stores, hair fairy barber shops, and restaurants which offer dishes from all parts of Elestra.

Outside of Amemnop, Magia has a number of interesting features, including the Baroka Valley where everything is gigantic, the Bagayama Mountains which stretch above Elestra’s atmosphere, the Antikrom Mountains, where time moves in reverse, the Galloran Barrens, a vast area covered by nothing other than cooled lava, and Mount Drasius, a huge rotating volcanic mountain with one side covered in lush rainforests and the other side blanketed by snow.  On the eastern edge of the Baroka Valley, you can find Cauldron Mountain where the River of the Dragon’s Breath begins.  The boiling river is said to absorb and boil away all of the sadness in Magia.

The Desert Realm

The Desert Realm lies in the Northern Hemisphere on Elestra.  It is directly east of the Great Aquarian Divide which is a huge lake that stretches to the north from the River of Tranquility just north of Mount Indecision. The Desert Realm is divided into five provinces, with Roparcia being the most important.  Roparcia is the closest province to Amemnop and is the location of Glass Mountain, a mountain made entirely of glass that was created after a massive sandstorm was set on fire by a magic spell.  The Roparcian Academy of Magic is in the top levels of Glass Mountain.

Roparcia is extremely hot and dry, but it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Elestra due to its many festivals, circuses, and other celebrations.

The second most important province in the Desert Realm is Dellacia which is not nearly as much fun as Roparcia. Dellacians spend most of their time complaining about the heat and wishing they lived in Roparcia.  Even though Dellacians complain about the heat, it is that very heat which makes Dellacia important.  There is a huge heat bottling industry in Dellacia which sells bottled and canned heat to people who have to move to the Ice Lands to work.  A warming can of heat really hits the spot after a long day creating ice sculptures in the Plains of Fridgia.

The Sky Dragons

The Sky Dragons usually call their Kingdom the Dragon Realm.  This kingdom lies in the southern part of Elestra, even further south than Oceania.  In the skies above the Dragon Realm, there are floating cities and forests, and many flying dragons live in those areas above Elestra’s surface.  There is also a large area of the Dragon Realm on the surface of Elestra.

While there are multiple principalities in the Dragon Realm, the entire Realm is ruled by a single King or Queen. The rise of a new ruler is a complicated process.  All dragons start out green and find their true color later in life.  When a dragon is to become king, he must study and train for a series of tests in Mt. Infernus, a towering volcano in the Dragon Realm.  The new ruler’s level of success inside Mt. Infernus determines his or her color.

Kings can be yellow, orange, or even red, although red dragons are very rare.  Only the most powerful and wise kings are red.  The last Red Dragon King was Telgaar.  There is a story about a new dragon king, but I don’t know all about that.  You would have to read about that in the fifth book about the adventures of the new Mystical Guardians.  The scribes of Elestra are quickly bringing that story from Elestra to your world.

The Forest Realm
The Forest Realm is an area in Elestra’s northern hemisphere where forests cover almost the entire surface of the land.  There are trees that stretch higher than birds can fly, and forest canopies so thick that entire villages are built on top of them.  If you ever do visit the Forest Realm, I would suggest that you look up, because that’s where all of the action is.  

The Forest Realm doesn’t have provinces in the same way that the other Kingdoms do.  Instead, there are separate forests that have their own rulers.  The Moving Forest slowly slides across the land.  The Forest of Darkness has a canopy that is so thick that it allows no light to reach the surface.  The Stratified Forest has trees that are so tall that separate regions have developed at different heights in the trees.


Oceania is the Ocean Realm that lies south of Magia.  There are islands in the oceans, but those are fairly unimportant.  The islands that affect most travelers are the islands that make up the Maze Sea which is one route between Magia and the Dragon Realm.  The only other reliable route is through the Torallian Forest, where the mushroom people live.  Traveling across the open seas is dangerous because of a permanent hurricane that becomes angry with most travelers.  

The major cities of Oceania are deep under the water.  Giant air bubbles rise from the ocean floor and engulf these cities, keeping them dry.  The air is taken into the craters on Inhalation Island and carried through underground tunnels to the ocean floor.

The capital of Oceania is Hydreus, where you can find the Undersea Academy of Culinary Arts, the finest cooking school in all of Elestra.  Lucky students study with Master Chef Flot, an eel wizard who is recognized as the leader in cooking magic into food.

The Ice Lands

The Ice Lands make up the Kingdom of Ice that lies in the northern hemisphere between the Forest Realm and the Desert Realm.  Several small provinces lie on the tops of glaciers and move as the glaciers advance.  Only a tiny fraction of the land in this realm is not covered by snow or ice.  The rest of the land is hidden under a thick frozen shield.  

While many people think that the Ice Lands would be barren and have little life, there is an amazing array of creatures living in this Kingdom.  Some blend in with the snow, some eat snow to survive, and others are actually made of snow.  

The capital of the Ice Lands is Hielo Kiyaye, a city where the buildings are made of ice.  The River of Second Thoughts flows through the capital and carries slushy water that is just above the point of freezing.  It is called the River of Second Thoughts because anyone who jumps into the icy water immediately has second thoughts about their actions.

The Magical Well in the Ice Lands is partially buried under snow, and when it breathes out a blast of magic, the snow is infused with magic and is shot upward.  The snow that falls clumps together and turns into living snow creatures.
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