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Hi, this is Iszarre again.  I’ve asked Tobungus to write an introduction about himself.  However, in order to make sure that everything is accurate, I would normally add my own comments along the way, but I am very busy so Zorell will keep Tobungus in check.

Tobungus: What?!

Zorell: Please do not think any less of yourself in my presence.  I know it must be a natural reaction for mushrooms, but please, stay calm.

Tobungus: No, I am actually quite proud not to have agreed to escort fleas around Magia.  Anyway, I am from the Torallian Forest, and I am a mushroom.  I am about four feet tall, and roguishly handsome.  

Zorell: Well, I will agree that you’re from the Torallian Forest, that you are a mushroom, and that you are about four feet tall, but otherwise I’m not sure.

Tobungus: You are sure.  You’re just saying that.  Anyway, I’m the reason why Doorknob and Doodle-

Zorell: Their names are Derek and Deanna, and no, you did not have anything to do with whatever you were about to say.

Tobungus: Do you know what I was about to say?

Zorell: No, but I know you.

Tobungus: I know, but does everyone else know of my wisdom, expertise in many fields, and superiority to cats?  Possibly not, so I must not spare any details.

Zorell: And what would those fields be?

Tobungus: I am even more knowledgeable regarding shoes than most Torallians are, I am a master of lemon-based magic, and I am the best bagpipe player in Elestra.  Of course, I have many other areas of expertise, but it would take years to write a full list.  Since I probably should finish this within the next eleven years, I need to move on to the next topic: Shoes.

Zorell: Typical Torallian lunacy.  What is it this time, a pair of shoes that can make untrue accusations that I carry fleas so you’re free to find some damp, unpleasant cave to take root in?

Tobungus: No.  However, I may have found a type of sand-proof shoe.  It’s kind of like a snow shoe, only without holes in the bottom.  Anyway, they will help if I ever have to go to the Desert Realm again.

Zorell: To be honest, I like the Desert Realm.  The statues there are true masterpieces.

Tobungus: I can’t work with this cat anymore.  He’s driving me crazy.  I’m going to go work on my first blog entry.

To contact Tobungus with questions about shoes, being a mushroom, insults for certain cats, or anything else, e-mail him at: