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So, you want to know about the wizards of Elestra.  Well, there are lots of them.  Most are not very strong and only know spells to help with their daily activities.  Luckily, the pages that I have received so far discuss the more powerful wizards.

If we want to talk about the most powerful wizards in Elestra now, there are really three to mention—Iszarre, Eldrack, and Barado.  Before you wonder whether I am breaking any rules talking about Eldrack, I want to explain that I have received special permission to discuss the dark wizard, since the major magical work of the others is aimed at fighting against him.

Iszarre!  What can I say about Iszarre.  He is, quite simply, the most powerful wizard in Elestra.  He is well over 600 years old, but he has spent a lot of time in the Antikrom Mountains, so he has gotten younger during some periods of his life.  He has held every major magical position in Magia and is now living in Amemnop where he guards the capital city.  Iszarre is much more than a wizard, though.  He is also a great chef who infuses magic into his dishes.  I could go on and on about Iszarre, but I don’t have all of the information here, and I know that you can learn much more about Iszarre in the Guardians of Elestra books.

Barado, as in King Barado, is the ruler of all of Elestra.  His armies have fought against Eldrack’s minions for centuries and kept the dark wizard at bay.  Barado has been successful in keeping the moongates closed to Eldrack’s forces.  Many wizards are afraid that a dark wizard could fully open the moongates and make travel between Elestra and the outworlds fast and easy.  This would allow dark armies to swarm over unprepared worlds, or to bring armies of creatures from the outworlds to join Eldrack.  Barado was born on the Ninth Moon of Elestra and has his main castle there.  He visits his palace in Magia often, but other wizards have convinced him that he is safer in his moon castle.

Eldrack!  Even though I am allowed to discuss this dark wizard, he still makes me shudder.  No one knows where Eldrack came from or how he recruits his followers.  He arrived on the scene shortly after Barado became king and began to work against the wizards who follow the king.  The only wizard who has faced Eldrack directly is Iszarre, and their battle ended in a draw.  There are rumors that Eldrack is behind the disappearance of the Mystical Guardians and that he is somehow using their power to increase his own power.

Of course, the Mystical Guardians are also powerful wizards.  They are a family that has been chosen to defend Elestra and guard the moonstones from Eldrack’s grasp.  I am afraid that I don’t have much information on the Mystical Guardians.

There are many other powerful wizards in Elestra.  Glabber is one of the most well known.  He is considered the most powerful wizard from the Desert Realm, even though he currently lives in Amemnop.  He owns Glabber’s Grub Hut and works with Iszarre to protect Amemnop and feed its citizens the best magical food around.

If you’re looking for powerful dragon wizards, you would seek the Purple Dragons.  The only problem is that the Purple Dragons all disappeared hundreds of years ago.  They were rumored to be heading to the Desert Realm at the request of the Sisterhood of the Ruby Dawn.  Sadly, no one has seen any sign of the Purple Dragons since that time.

Akeva Larang is the strongest wizard from the Forest Realm.  He lives in the Stratified Forest and is said to be part tree.  I’m sure that there will be much more information about this fine wizard in one of the Guardians of Elestra books.

Gop Freddinga is the leading wizard from Oceania.  While all dolphins are intelligent, Gop is also very powerful in the use of telepathic magic which comes in handy underwater.

As long as we’re talking about the most powerful wizards from each of the six Kingdoms, I can add Hooble Norstrunt from the Ice Lands.  At over eight feet tall and covered in white fur, Hooble is an intimidating figure.  He is also extremely powerful in the use of ice-based magic.  But, if you ever meet him, don’t let his looks fool you.  He’s really a great guy.

Alas, I have no more information for you now.  Check back soon, and I may have more to offer.